We celebrated our 125th Anniversary in the spring of 2016

Cafe Church

We sometimes share lunch together after a service

At our Easter Sunday service we decorate the cross and take it outside during the singing of the final hymn.

28th September 2017 – our first Souper Thursday

The gifts of food collected at our Harvest Festival Service were donated to the Wetherby Food Bank.

The Church Hall is an ideal venue for children’s parties!  See  ‘Hiring Our Hall’ page for details

On Saturday 21st April 2018 we built a ‘Bug Hotel’ – the first stage in the development of our garden.  Thank you to Melanie Smith and members of the East Keswick Wildlife Trust who led the activity.  Afterwards the children hunted for pictures of some of the bugs we hope will visit the hotel and everyone enjoyed some well earned refreshments.

These beautiful embroideries were made by members of the Bardsey Embroidery Group in 2003.   They had been hanging in Oxford Place Church, but that has now closed and the embroidery group felt that the best ‘home’ for them would be the local Methodist Church.  The embroideries were officially unveiled on 27th May 2018 and we are very grateful to the embroidery group for offering them to us.

September 2018 – Another enjoyable party held in our Church Hall and the children were able to make good use of our garden in the lovely weather.

On December 2nd we joined EK Wildlife Trust for a seed sowing afternoon.  The children were shown how to collect seeds and then we planted up several trays of seeds for the church.  When the plants are large enough they will be planted out in our wildflower garden.

On December 9th we held our annual Gift Service during Cafe Church.  This year the charities Water Aid, Rainbows4children and The Joanna Project will benefit from the collections taken during our Gift and Christingle services.

The East Keswick Wildlife Trust joined us in April 2019 to plant out some wildflower plants in our garden.

Easter 2019

29th September – This year our harvest gifts were again donated to the Wetherby & District Foodbank