The Managing Trustees (Church Council), or their representative have undertaken a Risk Assessment in accordance with Government legislation to ensure our church building is COVID-19 secure.  While this does not mitigate all risk, the Managing Trustees are happy that the building is safe to open.
What will you, as an individual, experience, as you return to the church building for worship?
1. To allow for social distancing, please park on the streets surrounding the building and do not arrive before 10am, when the doors will open.
2. You may have to queue prior to entering the building.  Please remain at the bottom of the steps until invited to enter. Please keep socially distanced while waiting.
3. You will be asked to sanitise your hands when you enter the building, and face masks must be worn at all times.
4. You will be asked to provide contact details in order to meet the requirements of the Track and Trace system.
5. Children must remain with their parents: no toys, books, crayons or children’s activities will be available.
6. A welcoming steward will take you to your seat, always observing social distancing.  Please remain in this seat during the service.
7. Please do not interact with other people, apart from those you live with, i.e. no handshakes, hugs or conversation.
8. During the act of worship, which will last approximately 30 minutes, there will be no singing, although music may be played using our sound system and screen.
9. At the end of the service please remain seated until a steward invites you to leave, always bearing in mind and maintaining social distancing.
10. A collection plate will be placed by the door out of the sanctuary. 
11. Please sanitise you  hands as you leave the building.
12. It is very important that you do not wait around outside the building after the service, but go straight home. 

Dates of services during June and July:
June 27th (Revd Uell Kennedy)
July 4th (Revd Steve Jakeman)
July 18th (Revd Uell Kennedy)
July 25th (Eileen Clarkson)

Contact details:
Minister:                     Rev. Steve Jakeman           01937 842156
                         (please note Steve takes his rest day on Friday)                               

Stewards:                    Andrew                                  01937 572514
                                        Penny                                    01937 573434
                                        Christine                               01937 588488
                                        Sally                                       07931 558939

  Booking Secretary:     01937 574603 / 07914 043836